The Step-by-Step Process for Getting Dental Implants

Are you thinking about getting dental implants? If so, you probably want to know what is involved first. Your dentist in Akron, OH, would be happy to answer all your questions and address any concerns. In the meantime, here is what you can expect.

The Step-by-Step Process for Getting Dental Implants

Here are the steps involved in getting dental implants in Akron, OH.

Step 1: Consultation and Assessment

Your dentist will evaluate your oral health and review your medical history. Then, together, you will discuss your goals. Next, the dentist will take X-rays or 3-D scans to assess your bone density and structure.

Step 2: Treatment Planning

Based on the assessment, a personalized treatment plan will be developed. This plan outlines the number of implants you need. It will also provide a placement strategy and include any additional procedures you might require (bone grafts, tooth extractions, etc.).

Step 3: Preparing the Treatment Area

On the day of your implant placement, the dentist or oral surgeon will administer local anesthesia to ensure you remain comfortable during the procedure. Once the area is numb, a small incision is made in the gum to expose the underlying bone.

Step 4: Implant Placement

Your dentist or oral surgeon will then carefully drill a small hole into your jawbone to accommodate the dental implant. The implant will then be securely placed into that hole. This is what will act as an artificial tooth root. That implant will fuse with your jawbone over time.

Step 5: Healing and Integration Process

Following the implant placement, a healing cap or cover screw will usually be attached. Then, over the next several weeks to months, the implant will integrate with the surrounding bone. This is what creates a stable foundation for your implant and eventual restoration.

Step 6: Abutment Placement

Once this process has been completed, a small connector called an abutment is attached to your implant.

Step 7: Impressions and Restoration

Dental impressions are then taken to create a custom crown, bridge, or denture. The implant crown or other type of restoration is designed to match the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth.

Step 8: Final Placement

The final step involves attaching the custom restoration to the abutment. This completes the dental implant process. Your dentist will make any necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit and comfortable bite.

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