Does My Child Have a Cavity?

When your child has a cavity, it’s important to get help from the dentist in Akron, OH. However, it can be hard to tell when your child is having this kind of dental problem. Knowing what a cavity is, what the symptoms of a cavity are, and how to tell when your child is having this kind of problem is important. If you suspect your child could have a cavity, here’s what to know and what to be on the lookout for.

What’s a Cavity?

A cavity is a hole in the enamel of your child’s tooth. Cavities happen due to a combination of bacteria in the mouth, poor dental hygiene habits, and eating or drinking a lot of sugary foods and beverages. Children often get cavities because they eat and drink a lot of food and beverages that contain sugar and because children often have a hard time taking good care of their teeth.

How Can I Tell if My Child Has a Cavity?

Your child may let you know their tooth is hurting. This could be a sign of a cavity, so pay attention when your child says they have a toothache. There are other signs of cavities as well:

  • Discoloration on your child’s tooth enamel. Cavities may look brown or black.
  • Hole in your child’s teeth.
  • Your child’s breath smells bad, even after they’ve brushed.
  • Your child complains about sudden tooth sensitivity, but their teeth were never sensitive before.

What Should I Do If I Think My Child Has a Cavity?

Cavities need to be treated as soon as possible to stop the decay from spreading. If your child is complaining about a toothache or displays other signs of having a cavity, have your child see the dentist as soon as possible for diagnosis and a filling.

How Can I Prevent Cavities In the Future?

You can help your child avoid cavities by helping your child take good care of their teeth. Bring your child to the dentist on a regular basis. Brush your child’s teeth until they’re old enough to brush their teeth well on their own. For more information about dental fillings in Akron, OH, call today to talk to one of our dental professionals.

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